“The Morgan Wallen Foundation combines my love of sports, music and community service. Without sports and music, I don’t know where I’d be. I know my life would look a whole lot different, so I want to give great opportunities to kids in these areas. In addition, MWF lends a helping hand when we see communities in need.”

– Morgan Wallen

About Us

Access to sports and music transformed and enriched Morgan Wallen’s life in ways he never could have imagined growing up as a kid in East Tennessee. They have been a constant presence since the age of three. Playing sports instilled in him the values and benefits of discipline, hard work and commitment. Exposure to music at a young age has led him to become the country artist he is today.

With a core belief that all children deserve a chance to thrive, play, and create through sports and music, the Morgan Wallen Foundation (MWF) supports programs for youth in these two areas. MWF is also dedicated to being there for communities in times of need. Whether it’s providing supplies in the wake of natural disasters, meals for first responders, distributing groceries to food insecure families, we are here to help.

The foundation is primarily funded by Morgan Wallen and consumer donations. Three dollars from every concert ticket Morgan sells goes to support the foundation’s work.

Mission Statement

The Morgan Wallen Foundation supports programs for youth in the areas of sports and music. We are also committed to helping communities in times of crisis, ensuring access to food, critical supplies, and more.